Aside 11 Mar

We are deciding to make a sitcom or short movie including people, although we are leaning more towards a sitcom after deciding movie would take too long to do and sitcoms allow more comedy to be included. We can create a fun, lighthearted atmosphere s well.

My group I will be working with is Natasha Slodzik and Zac Roulston

Ideas so far I have come up with

-A movie or TV series about a group of really good friends who watch movies and play video games together but they’re actually internet friends so throughout the movie there’s subtle hints that they’re not actually irl (i.e. they can’t touch each other, they talk about different teachers from different schools) and at the end something tragic happens and they have to cope with it and it’s revealed that they were internet friends the whole time.

-A couple with age gap find love within eachother. Society objects and tries to draw them apart, but their love proves to be stronger than it appears and they stay together and prove everyone wrong.

-Two people on a forum/chatbox on the internet who claim the other is their arch nemesis, get to know eachother properly and become best friends. And eventually meet up. Not done in a cheesy way though omg. (Forum frenemies, fandom wars, and then get chatting and become best friends.)

-Geek with a broken heart gets advice from a radio show and ends up befriending a young runaway with a secret. (Derp they can either have a beautiful friendship that rivals no other or just fall for eachother dude idk.)

-In a world where sleep must be paid for, a team of people try to bring down the laws. (Woo protest movie)

-Unable to find love, a butler joins an undercover network (online woo) and meets the person of their dreams. (Leader of network??)

-Unreliable time machine messes with peoples lives. (Alternate timeline) You can meet yourself and live with yourself. (You are your own best friend and own worst enemy :’D)

-Co-worker reads an e-mail that is top secret, is seen, and now is scared they’re going to be hunted down for it. (Very jumpy, can play on this)

-Action short film. Involving water guns. That is all.

Lizzy we’re not friends anymore.


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