Aside 11 Mar

We are deciding to make a sitcom or short movie including people, although we are leaning more towards a sitcom after deciding movie would take too long to do and sitcoms allow more comedy to be included. We can create a fun, lighthearted atmosphere s well.

My group I will be working with is Natasha Slodzik and Zac Roulston

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Sweeties moodboard

19 Oct

Sweeties moodboard

for my media project

New Animal Crossing 3DS Seven Minute Trailer

19 Oct

Can’t wait!! ❤

My Nintendo News

Nintendo has unleashed a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Animal Crossing: Jump Out on the Nintendo 3DS. The video features new details including new features, including decorations and areas. Animal Crossing Jump Out is scheduled to be released in the west during the first half of 2013.

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5 Mar

here is my youtube test

27 Feb


Kawaii Blog

◕3◕ >‿‿◕ ゚▽゚ ^-^* ≧∇≦ ,,#゚Д゚ ・ω・ (゚Д゚|||) ( ̄(エ) ̄)

and many many more at

the difference about northern American’s emoticons are vertical 🙂 and in Japanese they do it sideways like all those above. In japan they called those “顔文字” (かおもじ – kaomoji).

“In the middle of June, goo Ranking surveyed its readers by means of a public internet questionnaire on what emoticons, or smilies, they often used in mail from their personal computers.” and here is the result (via what japan

Ranking results

Q: What 顔文字, kaomoji, emoticons do you often use in mail sent from your personal computer?
Rank Emoticon Score Emotion
1 (^_^) or (^_^)v, etc 100 Laughing
2 (>_ 66.4 Troubled
3 (^_^;) 54.4 Troubled
4 (ToT) 53.3 Crying
5 m(_ _)m 52.9 Apologising
6 (^^ゞ or (^^;) 38.3 Shy
7 ( ̄ー ̄) 20.6 Grinning
8 (≧∇≦)/ 18.9 Joyful
9 ( ̄□ ̄;) 18.9 Surprised

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Updated my appearance

27 Feb

Made a repeating background 😀

Look at your background, now back to mine, the background is now tiled.

 I think it goes well with ther blue theme too UuU

First post

9 Feb

first post pic???